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Had a Blast Celebrating Christmas In July! Let’s Keep that Feeling Going All Year Long.

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Growing up, the holidays traditions in my household were German af. So Christmas Eve always felt like Christmas to us. We got to open all of our presents that night before any of the other kids and spend time with family. It was great!⁣

A lot has changed for me over the years. Moving to Orlando, being away from my family, building a career & working hard for my future family. Being able to visit the most Magical Place on Earth is amazing and being able to bring special events and openings to you, through the lens of my camera, is super exciting! But Christmas will always be a really special time of year where I slow down and remind myself what I’m doing this for. I can’t wait to bring my kids the same joy I felt when I was young and still feel it everyday, being blessed with the life that I am allowed to live.

You, the Mayne Mafia family, are just like most families, big, boisterous at times, not always agreeing, but always one rooted in a foundation of love and mutual respect. I am grateful for each and everyone that watches my channel, listens to my songs, comments and is part of this amazing community that you have built. It means more to me than I could ever say and for that I thank you.

As we take time today and celebrate Christmas in July, I reflect on what this year has been so far and am reminded of what is most important. Family, friends, coming together to truly make a real difference in this world and above all, make it a better place for not only us to live but those that come after us.

They say that ‘if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.’ I truly love what I do, being able to bring some sense of joy and distraction even in the smallest way, to those of us that need that escape from the every day grind and stress of life. So join me today and remember what brings you joy and focus on that. For that is what the spirit of Christmas is all about. “Seeing is believing, but believing is seeing.”

(In case you may be wondering, yes, these pictures were from Christmas’ past.)

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