Going Over The Edge For A Great Cause!

For those of the Mayne Mafia that have followed the channel for a while, you know that there is nothing that I would not do to show support, volunteer, help raise awareness, fund raise, etc for our favorite charity, Give Kids The World Village. Well, today, I will be strapping up and rappelling downnnn, the side of the Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel. Can you believe it!!

Needless to say, I have never attempted anything like this in my life and I was much more than a little bit nervous. After checking in, we made our way to the trainers who went over all of the safety instructions and precautions while our feet were firmly still on the ground. They were great and explained everything very clearly and fun but still making sure that we were taking everything that they told us very seriously.

Now, I have asked for donations for Give Kids The World before, but this was ‘over the top’ (get it). As we made our way onto the roof, I can tell you that when I mentioned in the stream with Mark Daniel that I it had taken me a while to overcome my fear of Tower of Terror. THAT was NOTHING compared to what we were about to take on here and you only had a few minutes to take the leap of faith! As I got holstered in they instruct you to turn around and put your feet against the edge of the roof. All I can say is if I had been wearing my heart monitor, it would have exploded. I felt my knees start to shake and I can honestly tell you that I was starting to question my choices in this life.

However, as I began to descend I trusted those at the top that were making sure that everything was good and tried to make sure that I was not going to become someone whose feet went through one of the windows. My “Spidey-sense” started to kick in and I followed the instructions and kept lowering myself down, down, down, WOW, this WAS high!!

Once on the ground, with both feet, I not only felt a feeling of relief but accomplishment. Fear is a very powerful feeling and difficult to overcome. Sometimes fear will overtake us completely and keeps us from going places and doing things that could be great. Whether in life or in completing a challenge for a charity, it is important to fight our fears. Taking them head on, making sure that we are thinking it through but not overthinking, taking precautions and making sure we are safe but never letting it get a hold of us so tight that we end up staying stuck where we are is super important. Today, I learned that not only could I take on this challenge, of course with help from great people, but hopefully showed that with determination and courage, you too can accomplish anything that you put your mind too.

A big part of what Give Kids The World Village does for children and their families, is help them recharge and keep fighting the biggest challenge, having a critical illness. Through your support and the amazing volunteers and staff at Give Kids The World Village, we can show them our support in taking on that fight during their great challenges and fears. For them, being able to get away from the every day struggle of an illness and being able to leave that behind and experience something so amazing at the Village is a once in a lifetime journey, even if it is just for a week.

If you would like to still donate to Give Kids the World Village, please go to the link at https://bit.ly/2OVWF5q .

Give Kids The World Village is an 84-acre, nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families. The Village and its community partners provide children and their families accommodations in fully-furnished villas, transportation, tickets to theme parks, meals, daily entertainment and much more

Be sure and check back here at spokesmayne.co to keep up on all the happenings at Give Kids the World Village, follow along with me as we volunteer at the Village and as we keep diligent in our commitment to fundraising for Give Kids The World Village and raising awareness in the coming year.