Getting to Your Destination In Style and Comfort

I have to tell you, the morning I left for my first cruise, I was very nervous. I had never cruised before, heck; I had never been out of the country before!

Making sure that I had everything packed (it’s not like I could run to the store if I forget something), going through the list: camera; check, batteries; check; sunscreen; check; deodorant; check; holy cow, it was crazy. Zipping up my suitcase, double checking that I had my documents so that I could get back to the United States, I can tell you my heart monitor would be sounding off.

But, amongst all the excitement and anxiety, there was one thing that I did not have to worry about. Getting to the cruise ship and heading out to Port Canaveral. My great friends at Ultimate Town Car had my back. Waiting for me outside, may I even say he was early, was Jose. Texting me to let me know that he was there, it suddenly became a reality that this was really happening.

I went outside to meet Jose, suitcases in tow, and he very happily and professionally introduced himself and shook my hand. He took the suitcase from me and placed it into the trunk and with a smile, open the back door of a beautiful black town car and I got in. The car was super roomy and very comfortable, clean and fresh smelling. Jose hopped in the driver’s seat, verified where we were heading and off we went.

It was great not having to worry about traffic, how much gas was in my car, and with saving on parking fees at the port which can run around $150 for the length of cruise that I was taking, the value in having someone there for me and taking the stress out of the drive over as well as lending some friendly conversation along the way, eased my excited nerves even more. It also allowed me to make sure that everything was good and I was caught up on my business side of things, whether it was checking emails, checking social media, planning out my content for the week, etc; it was great to know that when I stepped out of this car, I would be ready to hit the ground running with this adventure.

Once we arrived at the port, Jose retrieved my luggage and made sure that we were set for him picking me up when I returned. I did not have to worry about getting a parking spot or walking a mile from the parking garage to the terminal entrance. Jose delivered me right at the curb!

So, if you are looking for that stress free, awesome customer service when it comes to transportation, whether it is coming in from a flight and going to your resort; going back to the airport or heading out on a cruise, or even just looking to make a night extra special, Ultimate Town Car will be there for you. I want to thank Ultimate Town Car for the great trip and I totally recommend them for your next one.

Want to get more information or book your transportation with Ultimate Town Car? Visit them at https://ultimatetowncar.com/ or give them a call at 407-844-3580 and tell them Spokesmayne sent you!