Gatorland is proud to be participating in the Species Survival Plan for Cuban Crocodiles. Thanks to our amazing Gatorland Global Conservation team!

Sadly, the distribution of the Cuban Crocodile isn’t nearly what it used to be. The Caribbean is one of the places where it used to thrive but is no longer found at all. Today you will only see them in certain areas of Cuba. This includes Isla de  la Juventud and the Zapata Swamp. They are found in captivity and also at Gatorland in Florida.

Since they are only found at this time to be living in freshwater some people assume that is they only place they can be. However, they are able to successfully thrive in saltwater. When they have the choice though they will choose the freshwater first. For those in captivity freshwater is what they are offered.

The Cuban Crocodile is considered to be critically endangered at this time. The fact that it has a very small natural habitat left is a reason for concern. One of the efforts in place in the United States involves breeding programs. These crocodiles are raised in captivity which allows more of the offspring to be able to survive and this is what they are striving to do right here in our backyard at Gatorland.

The goal is to be able to help these animals increase in population in the wild too. There are some projects in the works to see about introducing them again to the Caribbean. This may be the way to get their numbers in the wild to once again be more plentiful.