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From Hollywood Studios to Pandora Shopping – Is this the Beginning of a Bro-mance?

February 11, 2020 Disney, Walt Disney World

Tonight, I had the great privilege of being able to stream with one of the most illustrious live streamers ever, Mr. #DisneyParksLive, Mark Daniel. As we started our journey along the handprints and footprints of the stars and celebrities from yesteryear and beyond, I knew that tonight was going to be very special.

A super cool place to start the stream, in front of the newly placed marquee for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, we took a look at some of the “walk of fame” footprints and handprints. It was exciting to find out from him that Audrey Hepburn’s handprints on the Boulevard in front of the theater are the ONLY handprints in existence. They were brought in just days before the park opened. Mark also filled us in on some fun facts about the new attraction to come.

PC:David Roark

The marquee will be brought to “light” by blinking bulbs and animated depictions of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse created with real, hand-crafted neon. It takes its design cue from the extravagant made-for-the-movie marquees that were custom designed for the premieres of epic films in the mid-20th century. It also connects to the design and glamour of the Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Boulevard, the main thoroughfare through the park. 

When the attraction debuts on March 4, Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests can head to the Chinese Theatre to see the world premiere of Mickey and Minnie’s latest cartoon short entitled “Perfect Picnic.” The theater will serve as the magic portal through which theater-goers can burst directly into the cartoon world.

Of course, I too am a HUGE fan of ‘The Boss’, Mickey Mouse and did some research of my own. Did you know that Mickey and Minnie have a history at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood? The 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey Steps Out,” was screened at the Chinese Theatre. And the 1933 cartoon, “Mickey’s Gala Premier,” opens with an establishing shot in front of the Chinese Theatre with a blinking marquee and crisscrossing searchlights welcoming Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow to the red carpet.

Mark is an overflowing wealth of Disney knowledge, having worked for Disney for over 27 years!! (he must have been 10 when he started). Beginning working on the Electric Light Parade, becoming an accomplished comedian, actor to now being one of the hosts of the Disney Parks Live blog as well as possibly being seen in Batuu or as Assistant Director of Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show, he is THE man when it comes to Disney facts and history.

Being the consummate professional that he is, Mark took control of the ‘behind the scenes’ camera work for a bit, as we traveled on. We gave some shout outs to Roger Rabbit, discussed Gertie the Dinosaur being the first ever character to have their own personality, to the coolest fact that the Mickey Mouse on the high ball statue is not only life size, but his one ear is made of copper acting like a lightning rod! How super cool is that! Mark was just spewing the facts already and not only was it such a blessing just to be able to hang out with him but to learn sooo much about this park and Walt Disney World.

Moving down Sunset Boulevard, we talked about the shows you can see at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, including the fact that the Beauty and The Beast show is the longest running show at Walt Disney World.

Getting ready to take on Tower of Tower was so much fun and again Mark was full of awesome information. Bringing back the fact of the hotel being 199 feet tall (as we were informed from our friends Provost Park Pass as well) Mark mentioned that if it had been built one foot taller (or 200 feet) engineers would have had to install a flashing red light on top and that would have had taken away from the aesthetics of the attraction for sure. Winding our way through the lobby of the hotel was filled with more facts and newly discovered treasures and we even got to ride with a first timer, talking about the nerves that we have all overcome with this attraction. Glad to report that she loved it!!

As we continued with our journey, somehow we ended up in the Pandora store, with Mark telling me that he was going to buy me a charm. I do have to say that they have all sorts of awesome charms and we took a look at one of the coolest ones, the Millennium Falcon. Mark even new the little details of the charm with pointing out the ion canon at the bottom of the charm! I knew right then that Mark and I now have a special connection because you just don’t go looking at Pandora charms with must anybody.

After a hydration situation fill up, we made our way over to Pizza Rizzo, checked out some merchandise, learned some more fun facts, discovered some Braille maps (which are available at the other parks and resorts as well) and made our way over to the land of Batuu on the urging of the Mayne Mafia. Finding out the Star Tours is the oldest attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, he again amazed us with some cool little facts. From learning when they paged somebody with a very strange name during Star Tours and learning that it was George Lucas backwards, to the flight number 1402 is the address for the Disney Imagineering Headquarters in Glendale, California. I know that I consider myself a huge Disney fan and I learned SO much from him tonight.

I even was able to be directed by Mark with a little scripted piece where he informed us that the cars you sit in at the Dine In Theater are called ‘convertables’ (instead of convertibles). See he truly is a comedian!

We checked out some Pizza Rizzo sights and information, Muppet trivia and even some art work while heading over to Star Wars Galaxy Edge and the Land of Batuu. The planet has three suns and two moons, creating bright suns and rising moons. From the walls as you enter the Land of Batuu to some back story of how the Land came to fruision, and even to make sure you look down at the ground and don’t miss the footprints along the pathway, Mark was a constant walking library of information. We even had a very fun and creative conservation with some inhabitants of Batuu while we were checking out the pod racer engine that cooks the meat for the ronto wraps. I think that one of the super coolest things was to find out that Batuu used to be a giant forest and the spires are not really rocks but are petrified trees!

We could have spent so much more time with Mark, but as we said at the beginning of the stream, live streaming is not a sprint but a marathon. We did not want to take advantage of Mark or wear him out on our first stream outing, so we decided to call it a night.

If you want more facts (and there are a LOT more), please be sure and check out the live stream on Youtube at Spokesmayne and also make sure you show some Mayne Mafia love to Mark Daniel and follow him on his social media platforms at LOL4MarkDaniel.

Would you like to see Mark and I collaborate in the future? If so, let me know in the comments and also let me know which park you would like for us to discover next.

Be sure and always check out upcoming events and happenings at spokesmayne.co and follow on Instagram, Facebook and of course Youtube at Spokesmayne.

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