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Finding "Fear" Outside of the Theme Parks….Orlando's Haunted Houses

Dark Horizon emerges in Orlando with much anticipation, to feast upon your fears, fray your nerves, and curdle your blood. Escape the clutches of one of Florida’s most infamous serial killer’s, Bloody Ed Watson. Navigate Captain Killigrew’s ship and her deviously mad crew, and wade past the Vodou Priestess before she has a chance to evoke the (Lwa) spirits to possess your body and steal your soul. Hundreds of heinous monsters await to drag you toward the event horizon. Thrill-seekers will revel in 16 nights of terror featuring three gruesome haunted houses, immersive bars, festive fare, death-defying entertainment and more! Brought to you by some of the most celebrated minds in the industry, don’t miss Dark Horizon, the Halloween event of the season.

As all of you who watch the channel know, Halloween season is one of the busiest at the Orlando theme parks. However, there is much more to be seen, screamed at and discovered around the area. So in Part One of our series of seeking out spooky new haunts, we introduce you to Dark Horizons. This Halloween experience is moving into the Orlando market. Dark Horizon: Point of No Return will pop up with three haunted houses, four bars, two stages and about 150 monsters, organizers announced Tuesday.

“It’s a destination attraction for the evening. It’s not one of those stop in and go. You’re going to want to stay in party all night long,” said Charity Hill, co-producer and a managing partner of Epic Entertainment Group, which has been running a similar production called Dark Harbor in Long Beach, Calif., for 10 years.


Nearly 200 monsters lurk in every crevass to feast upon the fear and chaos they ensue. If you think you are safe outside of the gut-wrenching houses, think again. Led by Captain Killigrew, Mambo Cecile and Florida’s first serial killer, Bloody (Ed) Watson, the haunted houses are riddled with breath-taking scares at every turn.

If you are the daring kind, opt into an enhanced horror experience called TERROR UP at no additional charge. This experience will invite monsters to take particular notice of you, separate you from your guests, and maybe even send you into secret areas alone. This is an intense and very limited experience on a first come first serve basis and may not be available during your visit. If available, it will be offered ONCE upon entry to the event. You will have a split second to make the decision, so choose wisely and proceed with caution.


Akin to one of the early 1800’s pirate port’s in what is now Florida, this zone features the Bootlegger’s Bungalows, Walk the Plank Pub & Pier, Siren Stage, Dark Horizon Gift Shop, Shark Bites and the entrance to the Marketplace and Panic 4-D Maze Experience. The signature attraction at The Port is the Ghostship haunted house. BEWARE: Use caution at all times while navigating your way through The Port under the command of Captain Killigrew and her deviously mad crew!


Avast ye! Rising to the surface, the spirits of the high seas set sail to wreak havoc at Dark Horizon. Also known as a phantom ship, a vessel with no living crew aboard; a common occurrence during pirate rule… This derelict ghost ship is found adrift with its Colonial crew seemingly missing or dead…Your commander orders you to board in search of survivors, loot and rations to sustain your own crew. Late to the looter’s party, you unwittingly become loot and rations yourselves.  Lurking below deck are a band of crazed pirates and redcoats suffering from Botulism and starvation and left for dead. These deranged and infectiously diseased seamen stand between you and the safety and salvation of your own brigade. Will you live to tell the tale or will the Pirate Captain and her derelict crew be your demise?


Set in the early 1900’s when the Glades were mostly uncharted territory called 10,000 Islands, a place where thugs, gangsters and outlaws went to disappear. This virtually lawless land is home to The Outpost Pub and Gator Grub. The signature attraction in the Glades is Murder Island haunted house. BEWARE: This area is lorded over by Bloody (Ed) Watson’s band of derelict transients and pre-historic man-eating creatures.


In the sinister swamplands of the Everglades lies The 10,000 Islands amidst the mangrove-choked rivers. The area is a hotbed for murderers, ancient creatures and bizarre tales. Chatham Bend on Lost Man’s River – otherwise known as Murder Island, is the home of the infamous Bloody Ed Watson. Known for harvesting sugar cane, Bloody Watson made his fortune on the backs of transient labor. Knowing they wouldn’t be missed, instead of paying them at the end of the season, they pay the ultimate price and are never seen nor heard from again.. Body count on Murder Island: 57 and counting. Step back to the early 1900’s, come face to face with the brutality that shadowed 10,000 Islands and turned it to a grave of shocking terror.


A wealthy sugar cane island owner, Ed Watson is a slippery well-dressed ill-meaning devil with a silver tongue. Able to talk anyone into just about anything, his unsuspecting prey never know what hit them (or in some cases, ate them!). Amassing his Sugar empire is his only goal, so come pay day, run the other way! The payment he is planning to give isn’t what you bargained for!


This remote island village hides a vortex to the Vodouan underworld of Vilokan. Can you safely traverse the waters and make it out alive? This mirky scene is home to Sacred Circle Stage, the VIP Storm Cellar & Shelter Patio. The signature attraction in The Village is Vodou haunted house. BEWARE: This area is under the enchantment of the Vodou Priestess and Lwa spirits!


This remote island village hides a vortex to the Vodouan spirit underworld of Vilokan. Safe passage can be costly, will you traverse the foggy bog? This mystical and murky realm is home to Sacred Circle Stage, Storm Cellar RIP Lounge, Shelter Patio and Village Treats. BEWARE: This area is under the enchantment of Mambo Cecile. The high priestess has awakened the ancient Lwa spirits so proceed with extreme caution.


As the original temptress of the flame, Mambo Cécile will bewitch you in an instant. Her ability to command the blaze is intoxicating and mesmerizing. Under her command, the Lwa spirits will jump at the chance to steal your mortal soul and drag you into the depths of Vilokan with no chance of escape. ​

Dark Horizon tickets are now on sale. Base prices are $34 and $39, depending on date. There is an early arrival option that starts at $20. The attraction will have a 50 percent off sale on general admission tickets for select nights; the discounts are available through 6 a.m. Thursday. (The promo code is DARK50.)

For more information or to buy tickets, go to darkhorizonorlando.com.