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Experience a Fantasy Getaway All Through September

Special discount offer to those in the Mayne Mafia family. Save $200 on all bookings in September.

Ever wanted to stay right in the middle of your favorite movie or fantasy? Well, our good friends and sponsor Loma Homes just came out with a great offer to save you and your family money on your next getaway. Offer applies to Twelve Parsecs, Wizardly Way and SeaRenity properties.

To say thank you to the their followers and those that follow them through the Mayne Mafia family, Loma Homes is wanting to give you the opportunity to stay in one of our homes this month to have some family fun and relaxation before the holidays set in. So here’s what that looks like:

  • $200 off all bookings in September
  • Good for all properties
  • Use code SEP200 to receive the discount

*cannot be combined with other discounts or offers

Just click on the link below to get an instant quote and be sure you let them know that you are part of the Mayne Mafia and Spokesmayne sent you!

Loma Homes; Spokesmayne