Every Time I Fall Asleep, I Wake Up SomeWhere Else??!

Day Six is here and AGAIN we are in a new, exciting, and beautiful part of the world. Walking out each morning and breathing in the sea air and feeling the tropical warm breezes is nothing short of rejuvenating to both the mind and soul. I cannot think of a better way to start the day and yes, I live at Walt Disney World (sorry, Mickey).

Today we are getting off of the ship pretty early as we are in Costa Maya, Mexico and it is a fairly short time we are at this port. I wanted to take the Mayne Mafia on a casual adventure today, checking out the port and seeing what fun we can find.

So excited that the stream was looking good and as we wandered off the pier and into the main port area, looking out to the ships that are docked it is again a magnificent sight. The water is so clear and blue, it looks like something that you would see at Disney Springs but this is the ocean!!

The port at Costa Maya is hoppin’. Music is playing, people are laughing and the colors of Mexico and it’s culture are everywhere. This was a day that we are going to explore and I did not book any excursions. There is so much to see and discover at each one of the ports that if you do not book an excursion you are not missing out. I believe that if you are looking for something structured to do, if you have a family that is looking for something specific like doing a beach day or making Mexican Chocolate, than browsing through the shore excursions that Carnival has either on their website or going to the shore excursion desk on the ship is the right thing to do. I am very happy that we did a mix of both on this first time every cruise experience so that I could bring you a little bit of both.

As we made our way through the port, there are many, many shops and kiosks overflowing with souvenirs from maracas, sombreros, hot sauces and vanilla. There are things that are carved from wood and stone and things that frankly, I could not show on a live stream or vlog (not sure what their meaning is either). Today, we are looking for adventure and to start that adventure off in true form, we are searching for the ever popular Mexican beer.

I did want to do something fun and different with you guys, so we came upon a stand that rented bicycles. This was super exciting and even though we only had a short time in port today before we had to board and head back to reality (I’m not crying..), for only $15 it was well worth it. I handed the lovely lady the money and to my surprise, I thought I had a $20 only to find out I handed her a $10 bill. Yes, I had taken money out at the ATM on the ship but apparently, I did not take out enough. Let me just make a note right here and say that CASH IS KING when it comes to these island adventures. So we took off looking for an ATM, still having possibly enough time to do the bike rental. But, unfortunately, I we found a super sketchy place in a secluded corner that was a money exchange place, charging almost $60 for us to get $10. That my friends was a no bueno. We did meet a very nice lady from Michigan there though.

So, off we were again, traveling down the little corridors to see what else we could find. As we made our way around, we came upon a stand that did pedicures by having you put your feet in a fish tank and having small fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Now this looked like something different and with the encouragement of the Mayne Mafia (and the fact that they took my debit card) we went in feet first, sorry.

After the nice lady scrubbed my feet in a bucket filled with soapy water I was able to sit along side a group of other crazy tourists, dangling my feet that were now surrounding my tootsies. This was another first for me, having little fish suck away at my feet while I sat in a tent with strangers. Of course, one of the people sitting next to me offered me a worm, which I guess is a customary greeting in Mexico. So, to be neighborly and not offend the locals, I went against my better judgement and yes, the advice of the Mayne Mafia and hesitantly but respectfully swallowed the little creature.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are going to another country and just happen to be sitting next to strangers who offer you a larvae of some type of insect, DO NOT EAT IT. Thank you…

It was another amazing day and unfortunately our last stop before heading back home. Costa Maya along with all of the places that we have visited on our trip are absolutely beautiful. They are full of culture, color, music and people that are looking to live their dreams just like us. It is a different life, one of tradition and keeping their environment and cultures pristine. I am grateful for all of those that we met along the way and look forward to visiting again in the future.

Be sure and check out the live stream from Costa Maya on Youtube at Spokesmayne as well as taking a look at my Instagram stories that were published along the journey. What was your favorite port? Would you like to be visit again in the future? Which ports would you like to explore?