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Epcot International Festival of the Holidays Now Open — Celebrating the Season at Walt Disney World Resort

One of the most beautiful and magical times of the year is Christmas and the holiday season. Even though other festivals may have beautiful flowers, amazing art work, and great food, the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays has all that and more. From the incredible Christmas trees and decorations, food samplings around World Showcase, the joy on people’s faces and the inspirational music all around the park and during the Candlelight Processional as we saw the other night, I think that his is the most amazing festival of them all.

During our recent media preview event, we had time to take in some of the things that are going on around Epcot. What made it even more “holiday feeling” was the fact that it was COLD the morning of the event and this Florida boy does not know how to function in that kind of weather! But, it did warm a little bit as the sun came out and made for a spectacular day. Stay tuned to the blogs for more adventure that we encoutered during the media preview. It was just too much to put in one single blog!! Storytelling from Santas in each country (or their elves), food samplings and of course, beer tasting, and seeing some of the merch that you can take home and remind yourself for years to come of your experience here at Epcot kept us very busy on this adventure of a day.

The Cookie Trail lets you try different cookies from around the world by following a “menu” guide on where to get them and once it is complete, you get the final cookie as a prize. This is a fun and yummy way to see and take in some of the different countries and tastes around World Showcase.

Living with the Land also has a new holiday overlay which is totally awesome and I am saw glad that we were some of the first to see this transformation. Down to the holiday music as you make your way along the attraction, it just makes you feel good going through it.

Snowmen (or snow family) say hello to you along the way and even the lab is all decked out. It is really something when you go through it and just gives off those holiday vibes all throughout the ride. I have to say it is probably one of my favorite overlays they have done.

From new overlays to the decorations, the holidays are definitely in the air and in full force here at Epcot International Festival of the Holidays.

Of course, it would not be bringing in the true meaning of the Christmas season if is was not for the awesome music that is all around the park. Traditional and contemporary Christmas music is playing all throughout and gives you that joyous feeling as you take in all the sights. Speaking of joyous, don’t miss taking a break and catching the show of ‘Joyful’, a popular show now at Epcot, featuring choirs and groups from all over that come to entertain the guests during the Festival.

And, there is the Candlelight Processional, one of the most popular shows during the Festival of the Holidays and we were grateful to be able to experience it the other night, listening to the narration of Neil Patrick Harris and the beautiful sounds of the Voices of Liberty and the processional choir. This is one of the things that is a must see when you visit during the Festival of the Holidays. From the traditional songs sung by the Voices of Liberty to the choirs that are chosen from all over the country to come and sing and of course, the celebrity narrators, this is something that you just cannot miss while you are visiting.

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