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Don’t Just Give Roses to Your Someone Special…..Create An Experience

I have to say that I have purchased roses for special people in my life over the years, but I was totally blown away when we received the roses from Roseshire. I cannot say enough about the overall ‘experience’ of these amazing and beautiful roses and want to thank Roseshire so much for partnering with me.

The selection that Roseshire offers is incredible. Whether you are looking for fresh roses or their “Forever” roses, the quality, color and beauty are second to none. There packaging is on point and for those that would like to give roses for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or just to say ‘I Love You’ and even designer ones that you can put your custom picture on, they have many arrangements to choose from.

Roseshire x Harry Potter House of Gryffindor Luxury Red Roses

For us theme park enthusiasts, they hit the mark there as well. If you are a Harry Potter fan, they have each of the houses in their Forever Roses collection.

If you are looking for something with a Disney touch for that special Princess in your life, you can choose from Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, The Aristocats and many more. They even have Hello Kitty for those that love the pink!

For us, we were gifted with their Nightmare arrangement, which, honestly, as I mentioned, blew me away. This exclusive coffin shaped ensemble holds 20 fresh roses and an exotic thistle that’s inspired by Sally and Jack Skellington from a scene in the movie. This collectors piece takes almost an hour to build from scratch, and we have to say, you can certainly tell the effort and care that is put into it.

They are delivered with the utmost care as well, making sure every detail has been taken care of even down to the fact that they deliver them in a plain, brown delivery parcel to keep down the impact on the environment and protect the roses at the same time. All the instructions that you need,is included and each rose in the arrangement had it’s own little “vase” so that they made sure they stayed well hydrated during the delivery process. Once you get them, it is recommended that you put them in a vase with water as soon as possible. If you cannot, they recommend keeping them in the refrigerator, which is what we did (only because, well, all of our vases were packed!). We were planning on getting out to the parks and do a photo shoot with them the following day and I have to say, we are so happy that we waited that extra day.

The packaging, like I mentioned, was so creative and unique and and when you open them, words cannot express! There is a beautiful graphic of Jack and Sally on the inside “coffin lid” and a sleeve that gives you a description of the roses and holds them snugly in place. Then there is the card. A colorful portrait of Sally from Disney’s Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas is on the outside and you can have your personal message put inside, which they beautiful write on quality stationary, all complete with a hand-sealed wax, again making this not just an arrangement but an experience in giving. For me , it was just as much about seeing the reaction on Alessa’s face, as much as the beauty of the roses themselves. This is why it is truly an experience.

When we saw them, we knew immediately that we had to showcase them at the most Magical Place on Earth and where better than the Haunted Mansion. I cannot tell you how much fun it was and how many people came up to us asking about the roses and where we got them. The fact that they had started to open up, also was amazing as you could smell them everywhere and were just gorgeous

I can only imagine how your special someone would feel getting these roses and having them displayed in your home of office. From guests to cast members, they all commented on how beautiful they were and the awesome way they were packaged. Since we were so blessed and super grateful to have been gifted with the roses in partnership with Roseshire, we felt that we should pay it forward, so we went around the park giving roses to those hard working cast members that bring the magic to all of us every day.

I cannot say enough about our experience with Roseshire. I would absolutely recommend giving them as a gift for any occasion or even just “because”. They also deliver to Canada (we are super happy for that) as well as the United Kingdom and they are working on expanding to other countries with their Forever Roses. They do have a ‘Now and Forever’ arrangement which is the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas as well.

If you would like to check out their selection or order an ‘experience’ for someone you know, be sure and visit: https://www.roseshire.com/collections/rose-arrangements. I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed and they are worth every penny.