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Disney’s Wedding Pavilion Is Truly A Dream Come True for Any Disney Bride (or Groom)

Many brides dream about their wedding day, planning it, as Alessa mentioned, since they were very young. For those brides that love Disney, having the incredible opportunity to have their wedding at the Most Magical Place on Earth is truly a dream come true. Since both That Disney Girl and I have been lovers of everything Disney for, well, most of our lives, we both were extremely excited to get the opportunity to see and discover Disney’s Wedding Pavilion on Seven Seas Lagoon. Thank you so much to Disney for arranging this for us (I think..lol) and letting me bring our audience along to see it as well. Who knows, maybe there is a Disney’s Wedding Pavilion live stream ceremony in the future.

On this amazing day, we were greeted by a cast member who was so knowlegable and amazing about the pavilion and it’s hidden gems and after she gave us a private tour and filled us in on some important facts, we were allowed to take our time and see not only the wedding pavilion but Picture Point which is right next to the pavilion and then Luau Point, Luau Beach which are adjacent and not far from the pavilion but still private in their own right.

Of course, as a man I felt that I can lend a different perspective about the wedding pavilion and as a live streamer or “camera” guy, I am always looking for those incredible angles, shots and memorable moments that can be captured. This place has so many of those and I can only imagine how your heart must feel when you are living in the moment, marrying your soulmate.

I have passed by this place many, many times, looking through those tall white gates and being able to cross over the bridge today made my stomach flutter a little bit, I am not ashamed to say. Just walking into Disney’s Wedding Pavilion is beautiful and I know that our friends and family would love it and remember it! With archways, vaulted ceilings, ornate decor and wallpaper and of course the Disney touches that you expect, the place immerses you in romance and “happily ever after”.

The ceremony space is nothing short of spectacular with an aisle out of a fairytale, white pews all in a row that can seat up to 300 people, expansive stained glass windows surround the room. But the most incredible thing is the window behind the altar, a transparent framework of Cinderella Castle that literally takes your breath away. There are touches of Cinderella throughout the pavilion, as we learned it was themed for the fairytale and then reimagined a few years ago, with even more beauty and hidden Mickey’s of course. However, the overall ‘mood’ is ceremonious and grand and really would make any couple’s wedding day truly unforgettable.

Honestly, I loved the fact that they had special rooms for the bride and groom (and there parties) to hang out, get ready or freshen up, as well as a designated room for family members and close friends. I know that Alessa and I both have very close families that do not live in town and being able to have them relax and be close to us while getting ready for that special day is very important to us both. The rooms are also very comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Guests are also welcome to roam the garden area of Picture Point, taking photos and enjoying the grounds before or after the ceremony. Through archway in the garden, you can see Cinderella Castle and the park so this in my opinion add a notch to the PRO list!

As far as pricing, to book a ceremony at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion the starting price is around $5,000 but there is a minimum which could go as high as $20,000. You can also have your ceremony on Luau Beach or Luau Point with smaller guests count and of course smaller price points. Let’s face it, we know that weddings can be expensive and Walt Disney World would be at the top of that list. But, if you are looking for that “Happily Ever After” dream wedding at the place that lives in your heart, who knows, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes….

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