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Disney Inspires Our Fairytale Come True in Las Vegas; Belle, Paris, Food, but most of all; Love

Disney Inspires Our Fairytale Come True in Las Vegas; Belle, Paris, Food, but most of all; Love

Our magical night at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas

I cannot describe what the night of February 24th was like. Frankly, it has taken me this long to put it into words. So many things, from making sure the moment would be romantic, hoping that she couldn’t see it written all over my face, creating the Disney theme throughout the week, but not so much to give it away, and foremost, not losing the ring! But beyond that, it was……

Amazing, Breathtaking, Life Changing, Beautiful, Emotional…Happiness, a true fairytale come true. The saying, “You know when you know” could not be more true. I am not only the most blessed man in the world, but am so honored and grateful to have someone by my side who not only brings out the best in me, but also brings such grace, love, strength and support. It is for this reason that I knew that this night needed to be as special for Alessa as she is to me.

I cannot say enough about the beautiful and inspiring Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas. Recognized as one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States by USA Today, Travel & Leisure and OpenTable, I knew that she deserved the best on this beautiful night. When planning the trip and the proposal, beyond a doubt this was the place, the setting where our lives would change forever. If you don’t know about Alessa, she loves Belle, I mean she LOVES Belle. They have vast similarities and likes. They both like to sing (and sing well), like to read and write (that is Alessa’s occupation), both speak French, one loves the Provincial life (guess who that is), like to eat (I mean that in the most loving way) they both love dresses, frilly ones at that, obsessed with Disney, albeit for different reasons, and they both love someone who does not know how to use a knife at the dinner table.

Now, I know what everyone was thinking. What! You did not get engaged at Walt Disney World! You are correct. We both love Disney, let’s face it, we live it, and it is our jobs, so we are there all the time. It was important to me to do something out of the box, especially for us, the guy who has live streamed Walt Disney World since it was streamable and the girl that; well, IS That Disney Girl. Of course, Disney was right there throughout this evening, creating the most magical night of our lives. We will of course be taking some engagement pictures at Walt Disney World Resort, so stay tuned for that.

As we entered the lobby to check in to the restaurant, above us and surrounding us were touches of the Eiffel Tower, massive beams that they say are from the outside structure itself, the archway with the restaurant in lights.

Being escorted to the elevator we were whisked away, 110 feet above the Vegas strip, As the doors opened into the full kitchen, we were full of anticipation (and I, nerves). Chefs in pressed white coats and hats, steaming pots and food that smelled incredible filled the space and we were wondering if Remy was somewhere giving advice. It was quite impressive. We were greeted by the hostess, who knew right away who we were and lead us over to Table 56.

Now this is just not any table. It is THE corner table, (shown in the feature picture), the best seat in the house, not only overlooking the strip but the magnificent Bellagio fountains. It was like being in a dream really, and I cannot thank the management and concierge staff at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant enough for this. Table 56 is also part of their proposal package which includes; A Romantic Window Table Overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and Famous Bellagio Fountains; Champagne Toast upon Arrival; Eiffel Tower Custom Dinner Menu; Wine Pairing Sommelier Selection; Half Dozen Long Stem Red Roses; and Photo in an Eiffel Tower Keepsake Folder. You can reserve this package online or call the restaurant. The charge is $600/couple.

Our waiter was incredible, asking what we would like to drink and when we chose a certain wine, he lended his advice to make sure that it was exactly what we wanted, and so glad that he did. He explained everything from the wines to the menu in such an elegant and informative way but with such professionalism and ease that it made us feel right at home. He quickly came back with our wine and was so patient with us as we looked over the menu, offered suggestions and yes, even worked his magic around a chair that was pretending for the night to be a large tripod, in true Be Our Guest fashion. Even explaining that we would need to order dessert during the dinner selection as it is made to order and freshness is a priority. Needless to say, again, in true BOG fashion, we got the soufflé, even though it was chocolate and not savory.

Now, let’s just get this out there. It is expensive, and I eat and live at Walt Disney World. What we lovingly refer to as “Disney prices” were exemplified here, however, it was worth every single penny. I do have to be transparent, when I chose the restaurant, I did not look at the pricing or even the menu. I knew that this was the place I had to bring her because she would love the ambience of it all with that subtle Disney flair. But, it was later that I went to check out the menu. Again, this was a very special moment and I am very glad that planning ahead came through here. I would not have changed a single thing about that perfect night.

Our dinners arrived very quickly and I, of course, got the chicken (I will put exactly what we ordered below) with mashed potatoes and Alessa got the salmon and asparagus. Again, to be completely honest, I was very nervous. Not about the proposal per se, but just everything surrounding it. Having 300 people with us for dinner was a little nerve racking as well, even though I live my life through the lens of a camera, but making sure that everything would be perfect for her was my priority. The table was intimate and romantic, the view, spectacular, the staff, impeccable and the girl, well, stunning. The only thing that was missing was the Bellagio fountains, which I have to say, was a little disappointing when we were told they would not be dancing due to high winds. But, we have no control of the weather (although it would have been nice Lord), and the night was still enchanting beyond belief.

The food was delicious and frankly, I wish I could have enjoyed it more but my mind was spinning and my stomach was literally in my throat. As we finished dinner, I could not wait any longer and the moment I took her hand in mine and our eyes met, my nervousness left and all I could think of was being with her for the rest of my life. As she said YES! placing that ring on her finger, seeing her face light up, nothing could have made me any happier. Although we had you there with us, we were alone in this moment, just the two of us, in our own fairytale come true. We then said good night to you all so that we could relish in this very enchanted and special time.

Our soufflé arrived shortly after, and as I mentioned on stream, I am not a chocolate guy, or even a sweet tooth guy, but Alessa loved it and it was beautiful. We sat for a while and just took in the views, the ambience and each other. Now that they say that fairy tales are just that, but on this night, I was truly in one, sitting with the woman that I will spend the rest of my life with, making each others dreams come true and always looking ahead to whatever comes our way, together.

Thank you to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant for making the beginning of our Happily Ever After journey a reality. Thank you to my amazing family and Mayne Mafia family who have been there, supporting me through the best and worst of times, I was so grateful to have you there. But most importantly, to my fiancé, Alessa, who I am so blessed to have come into my life and who is not only incredibly beautiful outside but even more so on the inside. Thank you for understanding me, supporting me, loving me so purely and most importantly wanting to ‘go the distance’ with me in starting our lives together “till the last petal falls”.

If you are interested in having your special night at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, whether it be a proposal, birthday, anniversary or just for dinner (they also have a great brunch), you can go to https://www.eiffeltowerrestaurant.com/. You can also add enhancements to your proposal package if you like such as a VIP limo tour of the Strip; Illusionist Rob Anderson who will perform tableside, Eiffel Tower Observation Deck Tickets and more. Our menu for the evening is below and if you would like to watch that special moment go to the stream below (2:15:00).

OUR MENU FOR THE EVENING (also in French of course)


Brioche Crown, Wholesome Farms Butter, Rosemary Salted Butter

couronne de brioche, beurre naturel, beurre salé au romarin;

Chris’ Dinner

Semi-Boneless Roasted Chicken Breast, Artichoke, Toasted Pearl Pasta

poitrine de poulet rôtie, artichaut, pâtes aux perles

Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes

Alessa’s Dinner

Slow Roasted Filet Of Salmon, Pinot Noir Sauce

le pavé de saumon sauvage au beurre de pinot noir

Brown Butter Roasted Asparagus, Egg, Parsley


Eiffel Tower Soufflé

chocolate, pistachio, grand marnier, seasonal: passion fruit

Spokesmayne; Eiffel Tower Restaurant Las Vegas

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