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Christmas Is Sparkling in Over a Million Ways at Give Kids The World Village

The other night, I had the great pleasure and honor of bringing to the Mayne Mafia a first look at the incredible transformation at Give Kids The World Village. Through the efforts of so many, from contractors, volunteers, sponsors, organizers and of course, the amazing staff at Give Kids the World Village, they are bringing the joy of the Christmas season to the Village, even though they are closed to the families they work so hard to serve. But, always looking to bring joy, Mayor Clayton and his helpers are lighting the way to bring some sparkling splendor to the holiday season.

Through the past two years of being at the Village and volunteering, I have seen the dedication and true passion that is the heartbeat there. Although corporate sponsorship is very important, just as important are the hundreds if not thousands of volunteers and people just like the Mayne Mafia and others in our community who have donated to making sure that Give Kids The World Village is there for children and their families with critical illnesses, making their dreams come true. Even though the Village is not able to host families right now, does not mean that they do not still need help. They have to maintain while they are waiting to reopen and be prepared on Day One when they get the go ahead to start bringing families back to this awesome place.

That is the reason behind Night of A Million Lights. Starting November 13th and running through January 3rd, anyone can purchase a ticket and come visit the Village. In the past, you either must have been a family member, staff or volunteer to come into the Village. However, the situation in the world right now has caused change everywhere and, as always, the Village as taken a positive outlook and is now bringing joy to everyone during this difficult time. You can purchase your ticket online at https://www.gktw.org/lights/tickets/.

As it is very difficult to stream at the Village, I was so excited to be able to bring you a small glimpse into what is being created here. With corporate sponsors such as Crayola, Don Cesar, SeaWorld and yes, Walt Disney World among many others, the 45 villas that usually house families during their week long stay, are adorned with beautiful light displays. We learned that thanks to Walt Disney World’s donation of over 3 million lights, the sky is the limit when it comes to bringing amazing color and shining a ray of hope for everyone to come see and enjoy. Walking down each lane, through the shimmering tunnel that shows you the way and not only hearing the Christmas music but then seeing the villas lit up with lights dancing, just hit me in an incredible way. It is a feeling like no other and I truly recommend to come see it yourself if you are able to visit the village during that time, whether you live in the area, can do a day trip or will be here on vacation, it is a definite must do.

We each got to make an ornament that will be placed on the tree that will be lit up during the event and sign our name on it. Because of everything that the Mayne Mafia has done, our ornament says “Mayne Mafia”, and it was so awesome to have our great community as part of this event. The Village has over 50 larger than life displays, and an incredible tree that represents wish families that you can see in 3D with a special pair of glasses, turning the lights into snowflakes. We were also able to get a first time look at Henri’s Starlite Scoops, which; last time we visited the village, was still under construction. This space-themed parlor of course has awesome ice cream, but is now a centerpiece of the Village. I cannot wait till children and their families get to experience it like we did tonight and I know they will really love it when they can come anytime (yes, even breakfast) and hang out and grab a scoop in this special place.

We will be visiting the village many more times during the season, through volunteering to help lend a hand and of course, doing what we can as the Mayne Mafia community and beyond to make sure that Give Kids The World Village will be up and ready to go as soon as they can to bring children and families back to the village. Remember, even if you cannot visit the village during this time, you can still purchase tickets as a donation or you can purchase them and gift them to someone that you know in the area or visiting during that time. Stay tune for much more as the work is completed and we get to see it together in all its glittering splendor. Their will also be a visit from Ol’ Saint Nick himself! The event is open from 5pm to 10pm every night but you need a ticket and groups are staggered to maintain social distancing protocols. Masks are required as well while visiting the village.

Again, if you would like to come and visit Give Kids The World Village, you can purchase your ticket at: https://www.gktw.org/lights/tickets/. Included in your admission is complimentary ice cream and hot cocoa along with unlimited access to the wheelchair accessible attractions and rides in the village, so that you can immerse yourself and your family in the splendor of the holiday spirit and the experience of the Village. Hope to see you there!

Spokesmayne; Give Kids The World Village