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Busch Gardens Howl O Scream Is Coming Through with All the Feels

Last weekend, we had an amazing time experience Busch Gardens Howl O Scream. For me, it was my first time attending the event and although I have been to Busch Gardens several times, this was the first time in the evening hours and going through the Halloween staple.

Like other Halloween attractions throughout the country, there are changes from last year. Social distancing is a major factor and there are no traditional haunted houses, actually, no haunted houses. They have been re-engineered into ‘open-air’ haunts and scare zones and if I say so myself, I really liked it. As a matter of fact, the park was not crowded at all and it was so nice walking through everything and being able to see it and interact in such an intimate way that usually you don’t have the ability to do so.

Entering through the Dia de Los Muertos section, you get the spooky vibe right away, with scare actors greeting you as well to set the mood. As we made our way around the park, the sounds and lighting are on point and let me tell you, it is a good thing that I used the restroom before coming into the park, as there is a creature, zombie or I don’t know what lurking and jumping out at you behind almost every bush. Even the trees and bushes scare you!

On of our first places to check out was Maniac Midway, one of the several scare zones. Here the carnival sights and sounds abound but it does get rather intense with creepy clowns and overall, well, insanity. There are other scare zones as well such as The Junkyard, First Fear and Deadly Toys which are ones from years past and new ones like Lycan Landing and The Shortcut. Overall there are 10 scare zones and we will be back to check out the rest of them for sure.

Then there was the stage show, ‘Fiends’, an outdoor musical extravaganza that is hosted by Dr. Freakenstien and mixes the popular music from the past to trending topics of today, doing it in a very tongue in cheek manner. The show was incredible and I know that we all would recommend to see it in person and if you did not get a chance to catch it on the live stream, you may have lost out due to copyright. Hopefully, I will get the stream back up and you will be able to at least catch part of it, but I absolutely recommend that you go check it out yourself if possible. It was one of the best shows I have seen at a theme park and I know by the reactions in the chat, you guys felt the same way.

Overall, this was a spooktacular night and even though we did not get to ride any of the roller coasters, do not fear my friends, we will be back very soon to check out more of Busch Gardens and Howl O Scream.

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