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BEWARE! There is much more Halloween Fright in Orlando Than You Thought!!

What an amazing night of fun, fright, libations, food and fear! Tonight we were invited to cover the Dark Horizons: Point of Of No Return as media. But, even beyond that, we were invited to go behind the scenes and see the “transformations” of over 100 humans into the most frightening monsters, ghostly pirates, vodou shamans and haunted fisherman ever assembled.

The talent and mastery that is shown at Dark Horizons is unbelievable. In under 30 minutes, actors that look like your super friendly Starbucks barista, or transformed into the most ghoulish and sometimes gory ghoul you will see. But, besides that, is the organization and skill that it takes to put such a production together and that is all under the direction of their super creative and visionary production and director team. After watching these transformations, we took a little rain dropped stroll through the hotel where Dark Horizons is housed for the duration of the event which runs through November 2nd. The Holiday Inn and Waterpark used to be the Nickelodeon hotel but it is now a family vacation destination with a huge waterpark that draws in even the locals.

We then were able to see the unveiling of the “stars” for the night as opening ceremonies began and we were invited to the red carpet event where the monsters strutted their haunted selves to the mazes that would soon be their resting places. We were surrounded by monsters throughout this ceremony as well as other media friends and given the opportunity to sample some themed food offerings such as the gator gumbo which was to die for and some hauntingly spiked drinks!

We traveled through the Vodou maze, which this go around, different from our being the first ones to preview it last week, was way more intense!! The scares are crazy and the special effects are truly on point! We then made our way through scare zones such as The Port, where old Florida comes to life (or death) and features Bootlegger’s Bungalows and Siren Stage along with a spooktacular Pub. We made our way through the GhostShip maze which was Pirates of the Caribbean to the ultimate scariness!! Captain Killigrew was at his creepiest and I narrowly escaped!

We then made our way through more monsters, fog and eerie sounds through The Glades, where outlaws and gangsters hid out to keep from being found. Bloody Ed Watson is the overseer of this island known as Murder Island and you better watch yourself through here as these sinister swamplands of the Everglades of full of terrifying transients and man-eating derelicts.

We watched as aerialists defied death high above the stage and the production of this show is amazing! From the skill and expertise of these performers to the lighting, music and overall atmosphere, this is truly a must see!!

This haunting experience is definitely one that is worth the visit, yes, even more than once. It is reasonably priced, with tickets starting at just $20, so that you can enjoy the event along with the “hidden” bar, food offerings that will tempt even the most purest of heart, and is truly entertaining. This event is not recommended for children under the age of 13, but for those that are old enough to enjoy this, it is well worth the trip.

Hotel packages are available and parking is available offsite, however complimentary shuttles are available. There are some rules for the event, so for more information or if you would like to purchase tickets for Dark Horizons: Point of No Return, go to: https://www.darkhorizonorlando.com

Dark Horizon emerges in Orlando with much anticipation, to feast upon your fears, fray your nerves, and curdle your blood. Escape the clutches of one of Florida’s most infamous serial killer’s, Bloody Ed Watson. Navigate Captain Killigrew’s ship and her deviously mad crew, and wade past the Vodou Priestess before she has a chance to evoke the otherwordly spirits to possess your body and steal your soul. Hundreds of heinous monsters await to drag you toward the event horizon. Thrill-seekers will revel in 16 nights of terror featuring three gruesome haunted houses, immersive bars, festive fare, death-defying entertainment and more! Brought to you by some of the most celebrated minds in the industry, don’t miss Dark Horizon, the Halloween event of the season.