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Back at the Luxor and an Incredible Honor and Set Up from HyperX Esports Arena

When I started planning the trip back to Las Vegas, I knew exactly where I wanted to stay again. When I was in Las Vegas last October, I stayed at the Luxor and absolutely loved it. Part of the MGM Resort family, it is located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip and super convenient to other resorts, eateries and things to see and do.

The unique pyramid that marks the hotel can be seen from a distance during the day and at night, has a beam of light that comes up from it as if it is something out Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. There are rooms in the tower section, which is where I stayed last visit and this time as well, along with rooms in the pyramid section that have slanted windows, something again that we could imagine at the new Star Wars Hotel opening at Walt Disney World.

The rooms are super nice, very spacious and comfortable and from our room we could see the pyramid, which was super cool. The only down side of the room is that there is no mini fridge, which we get spoiled with at other resorts we have stayed at. However, there is no absence of places to eat at the Luxor and it has one of my favorite places right next to HyperX Esports Arena called Public House. They have the best truffle fries here that I have ever had and of course, their burger is to die for. I had to go come back for more and we did eat there a couple of times during our stay. They also have a steakhouse, a mexican restaurant along with a yogurt shop, Starbucks and more.

The casino at the Luxor is awesome as well, and we tried it out for the first night and Lady Luck was good to us, keeping us just a little ahead to urge us to come back again. Along with three bars throughout the resort, all very unique in their own way, there is plenty to experience without even leaving the hotel. From spas, pools (which are closed right now in Vegas due to the pandemic), and of course the casino, amazing restaurants and bars.


Then of course, there is the reason that keeps drawing me back every time. Now, if you were along with us the last trip, we checked out the awesome HyperX Esports Arena. This place is a gamer’s dream come true. HyperX, Allied Esports and Esports Arena join forces with Luxor to bring the ultimate competition gaming and entertainment experience to the Strip – HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas. This flagship venue features a state-of-the-art gaming and broadcast center that will thrill both amateur and professional gamers looking for world class competition or high tech nightlife.

Everywhere you look there are gaming setups and huge screens that are used for tournament play along with a stage for tournament players. With multi-levels and over 30,000 square feet and a network TV quality studio, I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. Last time they set up the most awesome gaming station for us; however, we could just not get things to work in our favor. This time, they have worked very hard to make sure that we will be able to stream and I can bring you guys along for this incredible adventure.

I was also greatly privileged and super grateful to be greeted not only by the awesome staff that work at the Esports Arena, but we were escorted back for a “behind the scenes tour” of the television studio. Not only was this incredible but the fact that they were in the middle of tournament play was even more amazing. I wish that the stream would have been clearer but with all the tech, wires and transmissions, they did not like each other. Frankly, if it was not for you guys, I would have stayed there all night, it was a gamer dream come true and from a technical aspect, was something that I would have loved to learn from. This part of the night was outstanding but there was much more to come!

As we came down from the tournament staging, huge screens busy with sounds and lights, we were brought to our station, a cozy nook with two gaming setups, but more than that was the overwhelming signage that they had there and after our brains could really focus, all around the area of the arena, with Alessa and Chris, congratulating us on our engagement. Honestly, we were speechless.

I could not believe that they had done all of this for us. As we sat down in our seats, our server for the evening brought over two glasses of champagne for us and again, it was just too much. Seeing our names above us and people walking by and congratulating us, I have to say was very emotional and extremely memorable. Throughout the week, many of the places that we went in Las Vegas treated us in such a celebratory way, in a casual but awesome way.

Although there was a couple of snafus when we got started in the gaming aspect, I have to tell you, it was probably the best Fall Guy game I have ever played and I know that it was Alessa’s as she had never played before (or so she says). Having the Mayne Mafia there with us, celebrating this part of our lives and capping it off at this awesome place was more than I could have ever imagined. I want to thank all the amazing and incredibly on point staff at HyperX Esports Arena for always going above and beyond when I come to Las Vegas. Of course we will be back and again, we will be hanging out at the Arena again.

Whether you are looking for just a weekend getaway, a week long adventure, or a special occasion, the Luxor will not disappoint. Even if you are just visiting Las Vegas and not staying at the Luxor, you can reserve time at HyperX Esports Arena for regular game or tournament play on the weekend. Just visit: If you are looking to book a trip to Las Vegas and/or stay at the Luxor, be sure and visit our official travel agency partner, Mouse Vacation Planning at and they can get you on your way to the best vacation possible or for more information on the Luxor go to:

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