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As The Sun Rises on Shanghai Disneyland The Magic Reopens in Phases

To begin a new week, we’re sharing more #DisneyMagicMoments with a breathtaking sunrise from Shanghai Disney Resort as the phased reopening of Shanghai Disneyland begins today.

Our friends in Shanghai are passing along this spectacular daybreak for everyone to enjoy at home.  It’s a magical look at the bright sun rays framing up Enchanted Storybook Castle to usher in a new day!

A Disney park is a place unlike any other – where we are transported to wondrous worlds of fantasy and adventure to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Today, (or really yesterday) they marked a return to those worlds, as Shanghai Disneyland reopened its gates to welcome guests and fans.

Making magic means even more to us today, as we reflect on the resilience of our community; our wonderful cast members who worked so diligently to preserve the park during the closure; the enthusiasm of our guests and fans; and, of course, the determination and dedication of the medical workers and first responders who helped to make this possible. 

For Shanghai Disney Resort, while this is a key step in their phased reopening, there are many more milestones to come and their sister parks around the world. I invite you to learn more about our approach to reopening our parks here. It is very interesting to follow this guidelines as we may be getting a glimpse of what park reopenings may be like in other parts of the world and at our own home park here at Walt Disney World Resort.

Thank you all for helping the magic live on, in your homes and imaginations, during these challenging times. I hope you enjoy these moments of joy and excitement from the first day of our reopening at Shanghai Disneyland! Below is a preview of the reopening from the cast members themselves at Shanghai Disneyland and other Disney Parks around the globe as they congratulate and encourage the first Disney Park to open. Enjoy!

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