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As Predicted, Walt Disney World Sprinkles in Extended Hours in October and December

With the uncertainty and unfortunate layoffs Disney has been going through recently, one of the results is the reduction in park hours. Although we have always had shorter hours during the summer and after summer months in previous years, the “pandemic” hours are much shorter. Of course, a major reason is that cast members have to take time to clean ride vehicles and public areas like never before as well as having less cast members to do that.

But, there may be hope on the horizon as it was just seen that there was an extension of hours at the Walt Disney World parks. Disney has added hours to its calendar through December 19, 2020 for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios, which includes even more extensions on weekends in October. The calendar was previously posted through December 12, 2020–now times are posted through December 19, 2020. For weekends in October, it looks like Magic Kingdom will be extended to 8pm (weekdays still 6pm), Epcot till 9pm (weekdays 7pm), Hollywood Studios 8pm (weekdays 7pm) and my personal favorite, Animal Kingdom till 6pm (weekends till 5pm). November scales back to 7pm for Magic Kingdom but stays that hour through the week with the other parks going back mostly to the original shorter hours. However in December, there are a few days with longer hours but mainly sticking to the November schedule. Needless to say, keeping track of hours right now is like a crazy ride on Slinky Dog Dash.

We know that this was to be expected as some of the Christmas experiences at Magic Kingdom especially, need to be done in darkness. So while we have seen extensions previously far in advance, they also tend to lead to even greater park hour extensions rather than reductions. However, with those longer hours comes greater crowds possibly but we have seen that Disney and cast members are doing an awesome job at keep lines moving, social distancing and safety protocols in place.

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