Disney Happy Holidays Walt Disney World

An Evening of Music, Inspiration and Neil Patrick Harris!

Tonight was one of the most traditional events that happen at Epcot International’s Festival of the Holidays, “The Candlelight Processional” and it was so great to be able to bring you to experience it ‘through the lens of this live streamer.”

This annual show is a holiday tradition for many guests during their visit to the Walt Disney World Resort. The show combines a reading of traditional scripture by a celebrity narrator, accompanied by the sounds of a massed choir and live orchestra. 

Not only is this full of beautiful Christmas settings but amazing music and tonight, our celebrity narrator was none other than Neil Patrick Harris himself.

As we were guided to our seats, after a little needless waiting in line, as we had a special “golden” ticket for being media, the show began. The orchestra was all encompassing and after some traditional favorites, the Voices of Liberty sang in the guest songsters that would be helping Neil Patrick Harris tell the story of that most awesome night.

He began his storytelling with some humor and even made a reference to how adorable ‘baby yoda’ was. Yes, even celebrities can be struck with the Disney + cuteness. He mentioned that this is the 12th year that he has been narrating the Candlelight Processional and how he truly enjoys this honor. It was even more incredible as are seats were so close and we really were able to see this beautiful and inspirational collaboration up close and personal. The narrating, the music, the orchestra is spectacular and each and every one of them are extremely talented. It was an amazing show and I am so grateful to have been able to bring it to you.

I want to thank Disney for inviting us to experience this inspirational and time-honored tradition here at Epcot. Will you be visiting the Candlelight Processional on your visit to Walt Disney World during the holidays? Have you seen it on your previous trips? Who was the narrator? Let me know in the comments.

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