An Attraction in Itself, The HHN Tribute Store at Universal Orlando Resort Has Spooky Surprises Around Every Turn

Whether you are looking for themed merchandise to wear at Halloween Horror Nights, want to have a souvenir to take home or give away or if you are craving some awesome photo opportunities in a more “private” setting, The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store is the place to go.

Located in the New York area right around the corner from the Race through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, you cannot miss the menacing facade that we were trying to imagine where the origins might have been created from. This immersive, “store” for lack of a better term, has you entering into a haunted house, full of cobwebs, aged pictures on the wall (some of our favorite Youtube friends), antique furnishings, snacks and food items, even a gigantic bear, many of them themed around the mazes/houses and scare zones that will be at the focal point of Halloween Horror Nights 30.

We had the opportunity to check it out for ourselves, and as you know I am not usually a ‘shopping’ sort of guy, but this year, Universal Orlando has brought their game when it comes to some of the best merchandise for an event. Whether you like the newest designs with super vibrant color or the classic black and white, the selection is vast. Is Beetlejuice your favorite? No fear (get it) there is plenty to choose from when it comes to our favorite creepy dude, from hats, shirts, leggings even snacks.

I personally loved the merch highlighting the classic and popular ghouls that we have come to know and love throughout the years and the 30 Years 30 Fears merchandise is on point.

Moving through the corridors, you enter the second room which is somewhat of a ‘tribute’ to year’s past is well, laid to rest. Large illuminated portraits of Halloween Horror Night icons are scattered on the walls including the Usher, the Director, the Storyteller, Chance and the most prominent one, Jack the Clown.

From there you go into an overgrown, what seems to be haunted, conservatory. Jars of poison line shelves and carnivorous venus flytraps sit in cages. This area has stone columns and brickwork that is covered in damp vines and is packed with merchandise that mostly pays tribute to Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice.”

As you move along, you enter the barn area which is where all the goodies await. By this time, you might be a bit hungry and honestly, there were some things that we will be trying out come Halloween Horror Nights. Overall, I have to say that the food offerings this year throughout the event is incredible and we were calculating in our minds as we previewed the scare zones and houses, just how much money we were going to be dishing out over the next two months, as we will be visiting Halloween Horror Nights many, many times.

If you are over at Island’s of Adventure, there is a place there as well, bringing the spooktacular wares. All Hallow’s Eve Boutique is a special location that is offering some of the same merchandise as the Tribute Store, open during normal park hours and during Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal Orlando Resort; Spokesmayne