All About the Monkey Business in Roatan, Honduras

We are on Day 5 of our Carnival Breeze voyage and I cannot believe have fast it has gone by!! There is so much to do and see on this ship and I have not even experience half of it yet. But today, we are in Isla de Roatan, a small island off of coast of Hondurus. Waking up and being in a different place, heck; a different COUNTRY is just mind boggling to me.

The view from my balcony is incredible and again, we are off to discover this amazing port and I am working hard getting set to be able to bring it to you along on the first irl live stream from the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship! We have to be ready to join our party to head off to our excursion soon but first, I am hitting that buffet to get some breakfast.

Today, it is french toast again. I cannot stop eating it. It is the best french toast I have ever had and the warm syrup makes it even better. Bacon, eggs, all kinds of fruit on the fruit bar, muffins, breads, biscuits, waffles (no, no Mickey ones), potatoes, you name it, it is on this buffet. You can get room service in the morning as well delivered free of charge (you are encouraged to tip though) of coffee, juices, muffins, cereals, etc in case you need something early or you can go to the main dining room and have a sit down breakfast. Let’s just say, you can eat yourself into a coma and I have given it my best shot since I have been on board.

Once breakfast was devoured, that’s right, the Mayne Mafia knows how I eat, I made my way down to the area we debark the ship and made our way to the port. It is smaller than Cozumel and not as fancy but still fun and colorful. It was here that I was able to join with you guys on the stream and we made our way onto the bus and the bumpy ride to our Monkeys, Macaws and other animals excursion. I booked it again through Carnival, as the one we did the other day was awesome and you have the guarantee that the ship will not be leaving you behind if you are running late.

I was very disappointed that the stream would not connect at the nature park but, as we say, it is what it is, when it comes to irl live streaming. I have thought about it and I am confident that when we return to Roatan, and we will, I will be able to stream. Connection is something that we take for granted sometimes and the fact that it was trash in a Central American country should not be surprising. I have learned a great deal on this adventure that will only serve me well as we move on from the amazing beginning of our world tour to even great adventures to come this year.

When we arrived at the nature park we were teamed up with a tour guide who was full of information about the park, the animals and the environment of Roatan. I have to say that the peoples of these countries and islands that we have visited on this trip are very serious about their environment and resources and take great measures to keep up the beauty and wildlife. They are even super strict on what kind of sunscreen you can wear when you are swimming or snorkeling, so that you do not harm the ocean life or the coral reef structure. It was very impressive to me that they are so conscientious and really care about conservation and care of their beautiful island.

We were guided to the bird sanctuary and it was filled with all sorts of birds (sorry, some I did not get the names of as I was immersed in the glory of them all and trying to catch them on film). There were macaws that were so colorful it looked like someone painted them, some very cute smaller birds and toucans. I have never really seen a toucan up close, actually only in a commercial as a cartoon when I was a kid. They are super cool and have a lot of personality and loved showing off for the cameras.

The macaws were larger than most and we got to go in and talk to them and hold them (or really we were just perches to them). I have to tell you they are heavy!! I had a few of them that I made friends with but one of them bit the button off the top of my hat! I am so glad that I wore a regular ol’ snapback and not my MMC30 one. Take note when you are doing these animal interactions that you may lose a part of your clothing..or possibly get a stain on it..lol.

After we said goodbye to our feathered friends, we made our way into an area that was filled with iquanas. Let me tell you, they were HUGE!! Some of them were as long as I am tall. I could not believe it. But, they are well fed (we did not get to feed them this time) and seem to be living the good life. They are just meandering around this big property and can pretty much go wherever they want and were not the least bothered by us gawking at them and taking their pictures.

After we left the lizardy lot we entered a large area full of activity and noise. This was the monkey area and there were monkeys everywhere, hopping from tree to tree and chattering at us to come and play. I entered the area and right away they came to say hello and explore the new set of humans. They were fun to watch and very curious and soon I had two of them that came to say hello to me. They would hop from one person to another and one of them, I named him Marcel, seems to take to me. He liked my hat (the hat was the star today) and would take it off my head and then sort of “brush” my hair with his hands. He liked to put his little warm hands on my face and was very camera friendly. I think that he wanted to take some pictures himself! We were able to stay in the monkey area for quite a while and this was my favorite part. It is a good thing they don’t let you bring one home or Tigger would have had a new friend!

After the monkeys were were able to walk around the park and take in the beauty of the foliage and I took this opportunity to get some good pictures for the Mayne Mafia since the stream was not being cooperative. Between getting footage for the vlog and doing Instagram, I could have used one of my little furry friends for an extra set of hands…lol.

Soon, it was time to head back to the ship and we said goodbye to our native friends and boarded the bus. We got back to the port, which I will say is beautiful as well and the beach at Mahogany Bay was stunning. There is a sort of ski lift that takes you from the port to the beach area (or you can walk there along a paved trail as well). We will definitely be checking that area out next time we visit.The beach area was very nice and looking out with the mountains as a backdrop was just stunning. They even have an old ship that is serving as a man made reef for fish which gives this place a sort of ‘piratey’ feel about it. There are cute little shops all around the port and the vendors and people are extremely friendly and not as pushy as they were in Cozumel. Mahogany is a big thing here (as you could tell by the name) and many of the shops and vendors make statues and figurines and even bowls, all amazingly hand made out of this wood. Be sure and check out the vlog once it comes out to see some of the things that they offer.

As I boarded the ship I was sad to leave this place. I do hope that we will be able to return here and see more of this beautiful island. As a matter of fact, it will be on my list of things to accomplish, as we will live stream it the next time.

I headed to my stateroom to put down this backpack and give my body a break and take a shower (had to get some feathers and monkey smell off of me). Tonight I have the opportunity to eat at Cucino del Capitano, the Italian restaurant on the ship, hosted by Carnival. I am hungry so I am looking forward to trying out another eatery on the ship. Stay tune for that review coming up.