Gatorland Halloween

A White Gator? Is it a Ghost? Gatorland's Ghosts, Gators and Goblins and more

Spooky season has begun, and Gatorland now has white gators?? Are we seeing ghosts of gators past?

Even though that sounds spooky, Gatorland is proud to announce their opening of White Gator Swamp this past Friday. It is the largest breeding facility for the white alligators in the world. The “swamp”, made up of three natural exhibits, features two male leucistic alligators, one male albino and two female albino alligators.

“Albino alligators completely lack any pigment in their skin.  They have the pink eyes, no coloration whatsoever,” President Mark McHugh said.  “Leucistic alligators, on the other hand, have some coloration and pigment in their skin.”

The backdrop of the gators’ new home has an old Florida feel, with faux storefronts for establishments, including Owen Jr.’s Everything Emporium, Sue’s Sunset Motel and Joann’s Farm Fresh Fixin’s Diner. These are shout-outs to the second-generation of owners, including two children of Gatorland founder Owen Godwin.

“We’re really proud that all of our alligators had big, beautiful, natural exhibits with fish and turtles and birds and everything else around them,” McHugh said. “It just stimulates them to do what gators do best — eat, lay around in the sun and make babies.”

In addition to the new exhibits at Gatorland, you can celebrate the new gators home and have some Halloween fun at the same time! Gatorland’s Gators, Ghosts and Goblins featuring Frank & Stein’s Octoberfest is getting ready to kick off and we will be there to show you all the fun your family can have at this event.

This all-ages daytime Halloween event is taking place the last two weekends in October and Halloween day!

Stroll through spooky areas like the “Graveyard of the Darned”, have an encounter with Skunk Ape “the Florida Bigfoot” at the Cryptozoo, then grab your Lederhosen for Frank & Stein’s Ooky Kooky Octoberfest, featuring live music from an undead polka band as well as German beer and food for purchase!

And don’t miss the “Monster Movie Madness Show” starring Bubba, Cooter, and members of the audience!

Plus animal meet and greets, fun shows, a variety of specialty vendors, games, giveaways and more! All this fun and excitement is included with your regular park admission!

Gatorland’s “Gators Ghosts and Goblins” October 19th, 20th, 26th, 27thand 31st!

This isn’t a trick or treat event, so we won’t be giving out candy. BUT Kids can wear family-friendly costumes if they like. (Nothing scary or gory, please, Bubba and Cooter are easily spooked).