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Spokesmayne Becomes a Vodou Shaman at Dark Horizons Orlando

We have gone on many adventures through the Spokesmayne channel, groundbreaking streams, intimate chats, even fallen asleep with me on sleep streams, but tonight was truly another first like never done before. Tonight, we are at Dark Horizons Orlando and I am going to become a monster!

Under the talented hands of Donna, the mark up artist extradonnaire, I became a Vodou (yes, that is spelled correctly) Shaman, one of the monsters that will be lurking to find you at this new haunted attraction in Central Florida. We had the great privilege of being invited out by Dark Horizons Orlando for this “behind the scenes” of the making of the monsters and also among the first to walk though the Vodou village maze.

We will also be back on Thursday, October 10, 2019 to experience opening night as media and Donna and Kevin invited us to come and watch as the monsters become transformed and thrust into their hauntingly creepy roles in the mazes. How amazing will that be!! Plus we will be able to experience more of the other mazes, food offerings and ghostly bars (even a hidden one) that brings this amazing haunted event to completion.

Being greeted by Kevin, the producer of Dark Horizons Orlando, they wisked me away to the room where the magic happens. Donna was wonderful in explaining what she was doing as she sprayed, patted and brushed lines, blotches and even made me glow in the dark!! It was the most awesome thing that I have ever experienced. While the transformation was taking place, Kevin told the story of Dark Horizons Orlando and how they are an extension of Queen Mary Dark Harbor in Los Angeles. Dubbed one of the “10 Most Haunted Places on Earth” by Time Magazine, the story begins with the Queen Mary. The haunts and stories that are laid within her and brought through the mazes is rich in detail and fright. Now, these creators have brought the story to Orlando, lacing it with spirits of Vodou, a Ghost Ship and fisherman that may be looking for another type of catch.

We had the privilege of meeting David, the co-director of both Dark Harbor and Dark Horizons and he was awesome in telling us all about the fun, interactive and sort of “night life” atmosphere that is what Dark Horizons Orlando is all about.

After my amazing and startling transformation, I was beginning to feel this ancient spirit coming through and it was time to check out the maze where this monster would be residing. The maze depicts a remote island village in which hides a vortex to the Vodouan spirit underworld of Vilokan. Safe passage can be costly. This mystical and murky realm is home to Sacred Circle Stage, Storm Cellar RIP Lounge, Shelter Patio and Village Treats. BEWARE: This area is under the enchantment of Mambo Cecile. The high priestess has awakened the ancient spirits so proceed with extreme caution.

It was unbelievable to be the first “regular” person to walk through this haunted village and see the detail and effort that went into bringing this to life. Of course, the “spirits” bringing me on the tour, felt it was pretty funny to create a little spookiness of their own as well.

I cannot thank Kevin, Donna and David enough for allowing us to come out and experience this amazing monster makeover and being the first to walk through the maze.

If you would like more information on Dark Horizons Orlando or want to purchase tickets go to: https://www.darkhorizonorlando.com.