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A Preview of LEGOLAND’s PirateFest Weekend and Incredible High Wire Excitement

This past couple days I was so excited that we are invited out to LEGOLAND to experience a media preview of the new and very exciting shows and fun coming to LEGOLAND during their PirateFest Weekends. For select weekends through February (Feb 12-14; 20-21, 27-28), Captain Brickbeard and his band of pirates will be taking over LEGOLAND for some treasure hunting fun, included with your admission ticket or annual pass.

The new Brickbeard’s Watersports Stunt Show brought back the nostalgia, pageantry and skill from the Cypress Gardens water ski shows from days gone by. Narrated by pirates, both Lego and human, it is a fun and interactive show that brings thrills of boats, water ski stunts and the beauty of the signature pyramid. The water flyboard or “hoverboard” was super awesome and something that I would love to try myself! Flying off of ramps, making high speed passes and all as part of a fun and family friendly storyline make this a water show that is totally worth making time to see.

Social distancing was well marked on the seating and this was great to see. There is not a bad seat in the house and the characters are moving all around to be sure to engage everyone, no matter where you are. The Sunken Treasure Lagoon is vast and is a great arena for everything that takes place and you will not miss anything going on. Lasting a full 45 minutes, also makes it a great way to take a load off and take a short rest after a morning of exploring around the park.

Some of the areas are under refurbishment right now which makes it even more reason to come back. There is a very large area over by the water ski show arena that is untouched from the Cypress Garden days. With large trees, beautiful pathways and even a nod to the Southern Belles that were there to greet guests back in the day, LegoLand has created Lego Southern Belles looking beautiful in their colorful dresses. Fountains and flowers, along with a water feature that is shaped like the state of Florida makes this area a great place to possibly chill out for a nap with kiddos or have a picnic. It was a great spot and something again, that is out of the ordinary when it comes to theme parks.

It was very exciting to see characters out during the event to say the least. It seems like it has been forever since we have had a REAL character interaction and every character, pirate and well, sharks (also known as the “Shark Suit Guy”) and new LEGO characters Captain Red Beard and the Pirate Princess who were super fun, friendly and photogenic!! I know that if I had this much fun with them, you and your family will too. They even had some fun interactive games that you can play along with them such as the “What is Your Pirate Name” that we took part in and mine was Lord Dark Water. You can even go sword fightin’, swashbucklin’ and so much more at the Academy of Arrrgh during select times during the day. Pretty cool, if I say so myself.

There is also a new Treasure Behold Show featuring a fast pace group of pirates, seeking buried treasure all to music of the seven seas, dancing, stunts and thrills. There is also the LEGO Parrot Superbrick Build where you can build a 10 foot parrot, or if you like collecting stamps there is Claim Ye Treasure, sending you off on a treasure hunt collecting six different stamps for your pirate chest reward!

The food is plentiful as well and after much debate on what to get the two days we were there I am very happy with both choices. The apple fries with ice cream and caramel sauce that we had the first day was delicious and definitely something you could share. It is a little on the “theme park pricing side” at $13 but I would recommend trying it at least once, as I don’t feel that you would be disappointed. The second day I had mac and cheese with BBQ brisket and I have to say it was amazing!! They have several food trucks set up along areas and you can pick and choose just what type of food and fare you are looking for. I was also happy to see that they serve beer at the park and it made a great compliment to the BBQ brisket mac and cheese.

(PHOTO / LOCK + LAND, Chip Litherland)

The second day of the media event was the highlight of the weekend and kicked off PirateFest in a grand way. The amazing high wire artist Nik Walenda, walked the high wire, practically right over our heads, carrying what seemed to be a balancing pole made out of Legos! Dressed like a pirate, he skillfully and methodically made his way from out of the trees towards the Pirate Island Hotel, scaling upwards as he got closer and then triumphantly hopping onto the landing to safety. I have to tell you, this was one of the most incredible things that I have ever witnessed. Media from all over were there and it was quite a big deal and huge accomplishment, as he does not wear a safety harness when he does this, walking 60 feet above the ground. It was a perfect way to head into the next couple of weeks as PirateFest will be in full force through February 28th.

After the stream ended, I did take the opportunity to ride a couple of the super fun rides and coasters. First was Coastersaurus, a pretty thrilling coaster that brings dinosaurs up close and personal as you are flying by them to escape their clenches. Another ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure, which is a dark ride that LegoLand offers was super fun and I really enjoyed all the rides. They even have water rides, which I think is pretty cool as well and all of them are very themed with your favorite Lego characters having fun as well.

It was an amazing time at LegoLand and I am so glad that the Mayne Mafia was able to come along for the ride, see Brickbeard’s WaterStunt Show, some of the cool themed areas, meet and talk with some of the characters and get a glimpse of the food offerings. You can also go to my Instagram and catch more information on the two day event as well at https:www.instagram.com/spokesmayne.

If you and your family are planning on coming to the Central Florida area, I highly recommend taking the very easy drive (about 45 minutes from Orlando) to LEGOLAND Florida. If you have small children (or not so small even) it is a true family park with a lot to see and do. I also highly recommend staying at the Pirate Island Resort and getting in true Pirate Mode, with awesome rooms that are incredibily themed all things pirate and you can even have a treasure hunt in our room!! If you would like to see how fun it is, be sure and go check out my video where we stayed at the resort not to long ago.

If you would like more information on tickets and vacation packages go to: https://www.legoland.com/florida/places-to-stay/legoland-hotel. For more information on PirateFest Weekends visit: https://www.legoland.com/florida/things-to-do/seasonal-events/pirate-fest-weekends-event-2021.

Spokesmayne; LEGOLAND