What Orlando Destination May Have More Guests than Walt Disney World?

As residents of Orlando, we are fortunate that we do not have to plan to pack things that are approved, light weight and dimensionally (is that a word) challenged. Making sure that all the children are accounted for–Kevin?- and hoping that the layover is not too long or the flight is delayed.

However, in Orlando, we are truly privileged to have one of the most efficient and highly recognized airports in the country, Orlando International Airport or, as it is lovingly known, MCO. With over 47 million passengers traveling through the terminals at this J.D. Powers rated airport, and soon to handle another 11 million with the expansion, it will top the 52 million guests that come to Walt Disney World a year.

“This is one of the top two projects in the country,” said Orlando airport director Phil Brown, drawing from a new ranking by the Airports Council International while giving a broad update on Central Florida’s most expensive public-works project.

Terminal C at the new complex is to open in 2021, Brown said, with 19 gates out of a projected 60 gates. The airport’s planning through 2031, with no deadlines or certain milestones established yet, includes Terminal D and another 60 gates.

All of nearly 3,500 foundation pilings for Terminal C have been installed and steel framing for its soaring roof is starting to take shape.

Terminal C will differ from the enclosed terminals A and B in routing arriving passengers through long, soaring hallways with walls of windows and ceiling skylights.

The new Terminal C, which will host JetBlue and other airlines, is to significantly boost airport capacity for passengers. Being able to accommodate more passengers in an efficient and comfortable way is the goal of Orlando Internation Airport, which is why they have been awarded the J.D. Powers Award for Highest Customer Satisfaction for Mega Airports in 2017 and 2018. Because of this, you never know who may be passing through this modern day airport.

So, as we watch the growth and formation of this state of the art, transportation meca take shape, remember that this destination site is usually the first one that guests coming to the theme parks get to experience. A variety of shops and restaurants from Swarvorski to Starbucks, awaits those weary travelers, with an expansive and beautiful atrium making it seem that you have just stepped into a modern day mall.

There is always something new, expanding, re-imagining and developing in the Orlando area. As an Orlando resident, we drive by every day, not even thinking about the impact that it may have for those coming and going. But for those coming to Orlando to visit family, conduct business and yes, board that Magical Express, it is the beginning of an adventure.