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SeaWorld’s Penquin Take Over the Park for World Penguin Day

There are many animals that are super cute. Especially when they are just born and babies. However, when it comes to birds, even when they are just ‘hatched’ they tend not to be super cute and cuddly.

Unless you are talking about the penquin. Today, April 25th, is World Penguin Day. It gives us a chance to see these very formal looking birds when they are adults, and super fuzzy and cuddly when they are babies, be able to have their own special day. SeaWorld Orlando gave some very special birds the opportunity to take a stroll and show off their personalities as they became ambassadors (and they were dressed for the part) for World Penguin Day.

A trio of SeaWorld Orlando’s Magellanic Penguins had the chance to tour areas of SeaWorld Orlando during the park’s current closure. Scout, Delta and Pippa spent a part of World Penguin Day on a great adventure!

SeaWorld Orlando Press Release; Spokesmayne