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Fall Is Here at Walt Disney World And So Are the ‘Spooktacular’ Treats!

The Halloween Season would not be the same without the amazing treats that are created at Walt Disney World. A few days ago, I shared one of the super fun and yet, somewhat creepy, drink that you can find over at Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom called the Rotten Apple Punch Specialty Beverage (Alcoholic)  – Angry Orchard and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky over ice, garnished with a rocky candy apple straw, a Novelty Poison Apple Glow Cube, and gummy worms. They also have it in a non-alcoholic version as well.

From pumpkin spice, apple, and cinnamon delights to sweet sips and fun novelties, each of the four parks is offering a wonderful assortment of autumn-themed items and you won’t want to miss them.  In addition, there is the amazing touches of fall décor at Magic Kingdom Park, a special cavalcade down Main Street U.S.A., and more!  But for now, let’s look at a few of the beautiful creations that we can find at the parks through the spooky season.

First thing that caught my eye (and taste buds) was the nachos. For those that know me, I am a salty kind of guy and although I do like some sweets, savory is more my style. The Hades Nachos (Available at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café)  looked awesome made with black bean nacho chips with “fiery” buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, and jalapeño. But, the Poor Unfortunate Souls Float (Available at Storybook Treats)– Cream cheese soft-serve, black raspberry syrup, and Coke looked pretty delicious as well.

In tomorrowland, they have this burger that is right up my alley. Mickey Monster Mash Burger (Available at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café) is a Mickey stamped burger with meunster cheese, potato barrels, bacon, and sriracha aïoli. Another item that we tried last year was the Headless Horseman Rides Again (Available at Sunshine Tree Terrace) – Strawberry DOLE® Whip with Fanta Strawberry and a Headless Horseman Novelty Straw. This was amazing and I will be sure to grab it again this year.

There are a ton more treats from Pumpkin Spiced Waffle Sundae, Pumpkin Spice Milkshake and Pumpkin Spice Soft-Serve Sundae to the Not So Poison Apple Cupcake and the Orange and Black Sugar Churros.

Our friend Jack Skellington is back as his dapper Sipper self along with some new popcorn buckets featuring a pumpkin Mickey, Oogie Boogie and the traditional Halloween Base Bucket.

The Haunted Mansion is highlighted in some of these buckets from the Hitchhiking Ghosts Premium Bucket to the Madame Leota and Hitchhiking Ghost Sippers. All of them are fun and yes, collectible. They are available at various quick service locations throughout the parks so be sure and ask if you are wanting one.

Epcot is not lagging behind as they have some super cool cupcakes as well as Animal Kingdom roaring their praises with the Scar cupcake and the Purple Cauldron Premium Bucket. Hollywood Studios is last but definitely not last, coming in with the Pumpkin Cheesecake Cannoli (going to have to try that one) and their Frozen Apple Cider either straight up or with an added spice of Crown Royal (this is calling my name).

There is a ‘bucket load’ of treats and novelities this year, to many to mention here honestly. But if you want to see the entire ensemble, head over to Disney Parks Blog and check them all out. We will be looking for them as well and yes, giving them a taste on stream, so be sure and follow along on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook at Spokesmayne so you don’t miss a single stream. Streaming Thursday through Monday now, bringing you the best of the Disney parks and so much more.

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