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A Sneak Peak Into The World of Walt Disney Imagineering…

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you have watched the Imagineering Story on Disney+, maybe even more than once. It is so cool to see how concepts were imagined and created, brought to life by Walt Disney and the team that he built around him. Creations such as attractions, animatronics and even Disneyland and Walt Disney World themselves. It is like going back in time and being there to see the behind the scenes.

Walt Disney Imagineering is known for making the impossible possible. That’s why—despite their offices being closed—they are opening up their headquarters virtually for a tour on the Disney Parks Blog.

Tours of Walt Disney Imagineering are rare. So rare, in fact, it is super exciting to have them bring us this video series to show us some of the unique spaces where innovation and storytelling combine to bring Disney stories, characters and worlds to life. 

A creative force, a historical treasure, a dream factory and a hub of science and technology, Walt Disney Imagineering is a place of legend and the only think tank created by Walt Disney himself. Ann Myers is ready to welcome you—let’s go!  

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