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Updated Procedures for Walt Disney World Disability Access Service

I know that several viewers have asked in chat during the streams about the new things in place for those with disabilities. I am by no means an expert, but I did do some researching and found a great article by Disney Food Blog that may helpl So here is what they say:

As far as the Disability Access Service or (DAS), Disney stated prior to the theme parks’ reopening DAS would resume and operate the same as it did prior to Disney World’s closure. They spoke with a Cast Member at Magic Kingdom’s Guest Relations who confirmed this was the case.

Assistive technology devices for guests with hearing disabilities are still available at Guest Relations and are being thoroughly cleaned before being redistributed. Meanwhile, guests with disabilities are able to ride Disney World’s attractions through the same process as they could previously. Rider switch is still available and Disability Passes are still in use with alternative access entrances for guests with disabilities.

The same procedure we discussed in the previous blog regarding the virtual queue for Galaxy Edge guests, guests with disabilities will still need to join a boarding group to ride Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Passes are distributed at 10AM, 1PM, and 4PM daily, and guests may only join one group per day. Guests must also transfer from their wheelchair or EVC vehicle to ride.

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At this time there is no exception to Disney World’s mandatory face mask policy. All Disney World guests over the age off 2 must wear a face covering at all times. Relaxation stations are provided throughout each theme park where all guests may temporarily remove their mask. Guests can also take off their masks while seated at a quick service or table service restaurant.

We will always try and answer any questions that you have when it comes to Disability Access or how to get a reservation or virtual queue, so never hesitate to ask. Be sure to follow on social media at Spokesmayne on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and keep checking back here at spokesmayne.co for all the updated information we can keep up with!

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